Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sharing Your Special Wedding Memories with Those Who are Most Special

I knew when my husband and I got married that I wanted to have a wedding album as a keepsake from our special day - one that I would look at from time to time over the years. Fourteen years later, I still enjoy looking at our pictures from that amazing day. What I didn't realize when I decided to invest in a wedding album was how much the little people that were to be born into our family would LOVE looking at our album. I am not sure what the draw is exactly, but each of our boys from time to time will quietly sit and study the pages of wedding memories. When they were very little, they were trying to find themselves in the pictures, wondering why THEY weren't invited to the party! As they got a little older and understood that they weren't born yet, they switched their focus to wanting to know the story behind the pictures. They would wonder who was in each picture, where we were, what we were doing, and even how we met. These conversations with our children have been priceless. Sitting together gathered around our wedding album has opened the door to talk to our children about love, friendship, and family. Our wedding album has done a great job of retelling the story of our incredible day for the most special people in our world who weren't there to enjoy it with us. What is even better is that our wedding album has helped us create new memories of us cuddling, laughing, and sharing stories with our children too! Timeless Life Stories would be honored to help you share the story of your special day by creating an album that captures the love, beauty, and excitement of the day. We know that you will treasure it, and we are certain that some other special people in your life will too!

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Originally Posted 8/31/10

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