Thursday, February 12, 2015

Turning Wedding Day Romance Into Lifelong Marital Bliss

Your timeless life story began when you and your honey met for the first time.  The story is meant to go on for your lifetime.  After the wedding bells have rung, the first dance has been danced, and the honeymoon has ended, how do you make the romance last?

In her article entitled Five Steps to a Good Marriage, Crystal Sciarini suggests that there are five "rules" that every married couple should follow in order to have a lasting and loving relationship:

Step One to a Good Marriage: Respect Each Other 

Respect for each other means that you make decisions together, never call each other names, and NEVER threaten divorce. Marriage is a partnership and each partner has an equal stake in the marriage.

Step Two to a Good Marriage: Trust Each Other 

A lie, is a lie. There should NEVER be any reason to lie or hide the truth from your spouse. A marriage with secrets is a marriage doomed to failure. Neither spouse should have a reason to doubt what the other spouse has said, done, or where they have been.

Step Three to a Good Marriage: Have Fun 

A couple who plays together, stays together. You have to be able to have fun and enjoy life and each other. My husband and I have been married for almost fourteen years and we still have tickle fights, wrestle sessions, and laugh fests. We enjoy reminiscing about the funny things that have happened to us and by enjoying hobbies together and date nights we are constantly making new memories.

Step Four to a Good Marriage: Share Responsibility 

Chores, discipline, and decisions should be shared equally. If something is not shared equally then the decision to change the equation needs to be made together. By sharing responsibilities and decisions neither spouse will ever be at fault for a failed venture.

Step Five to a Good Marriage: Admit When Your Wrong 

Don't be afraid to admit that you were wrong or that you need help. We are not perfect beings, so we will make mistakes. We should be able to admit to our spouse that we were wrong, knowing that the spouse will show support rather than rubbing the bad decision in our face. We should also be able to admit when we need extra help for a problem, decision, or addiction.

It is important to remember that a strong marriage is the foundation for a healthy family!
Timeless Life Stories values strong marriages and healthy families.  We wish you a wonderful wedding day and lifetime full of love, happiness, and joy!

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Originally Posted 8/31/10 

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