Thursday, February 12, 2015

10 Must Capture Wedding Moments for Your Wedding Album

When the wedding is over, you are left with some beautiful memories.

You'll choose some very special shots to frame.  Be sure to have your photographer capture those extra special shots to make your wedding album spectacular!

1.  The Bride - Preparing or pre-wedding.  Personal images that capture the bride as she prepares to walk down the aisle.

2.  The Groom - Capture the anticipation.

3.  Accent and detail shots - These images are used to enhance the album and tell the story.  Flowers, rings, the dress, the altar, etc...

4.  Bridal Party Shots - Get creative and make them fun.  Don't let the photographer simply line everyone up and shoot the same group shots over and over.

5.  Vows and Ring Exchange - These moments are so intimate and important.  Don't miss the perfect angle and timing.

 6.  The Kiss! - Seal the deal on this perfect day.

7.  The Cake and the Toast - Your photographer can get creative with these important shots.

8.   The First Dance - Have fun and celebrate your day.  Also capture the bride/daddy and groom/mother dances.

9.  Fun Spontaneous Shots - All the traditional shots have been taken.  Now it's time to be spontaneous and take the crazy fun shots.

10.  Specialty Shots - These are those unique special moments that say so much in one shot.

All of these amazing pictures can be artistically designed into an album that captures the emotion filled moments from your wedding day.

Originally Posted 1/13/12

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