Thursday, February 12, 2015

Show off the Details

You’ve taken the time to search magazines and the internet; even went to dress shops and tried on the different styles and new colors in hopes of finding that one dress that spoke to you. From different silhouettes, lace features, and embellishments bridal fashion has come along way in its efforts to offer you a style that will match your unique personality and beauty. So, why not take the time and have it all shown in your wedding album.

Most Photographers will take pictures of you in your dress or the dress on it’s hanger before you step into it. What about the finer details? Show that interesting lace pattern or beading. Have that dynamic laced up corset or your colored sash photographed. Show off the veil you have always dreamed of. Have fun with it too and don’t forget to show those glamorous heels!

Having the smaller details photographed will help give you or your album designer more details and fluff to bring your wedding album from a static photos placed with boarders and some fades to a breath taking reminder of all the great accents that brought your dream wedding into reality. 

Let us help you create the spectacular album you have always wanted.


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